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About Keith

Keith attended the Assembly Bible School in Auckland NZ, and then went on to complete his theological degree online with Trinity Theological Seminary and Pacific University in USA. Keith spent many years as an itinerant evangelist based in NZ. He founded an evangelistic organisation “This Is Life Ministries” and was heavily involved for 10 years in joint church missions, Bible teaching, running vacation team outreaches and several overseas short term mission trips.

Keith's pastoral ministry

In 1996 God led Keith and Marg into a more settled pastoral ministry in Australia following an internship on expository Bible teaching with the late Dr Stephen Olford in USA. He served as Senior Pastor for ten years at Canterbury Gardens Community Church on the outer eastern rim of Melbourne, followed by five years at Edge Church in East Doncaster.

God then led them to take up a pastorate at the Carmel Friends Church in Indiana, USA.

Keith and Marg retired in August 2019 and returned permanently to Melbourne. Keith is available for Bible teaching, and is open to filling in as an interim pastor.

God has enabled Keith to write and publish a number of books, training manuals, courses and gospel leaflets. Some of these, along with audios of recent sermons are available free of charge on this website. Some of his sermons are also on his YouTube channel as videos.


Eric Skattebo interviews Keith to explore his story from childhood to the present, looking at his faith journey. Keith shares his own experience of turning away from the Lord and relates this to his book "EXIT".

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