Unseen Footprints

Discovering God’s will for your life – each chapter explores biblical principles relating to living in God’s will, using stories from Keith’s own experience.

EXIT – Turning from Following Christ (eBook)

EXIT explores the reasons people exit the Christian life. In addressing this huge issue facing the church today I have tried to balance theological and apologetic reasoning with easy reading, life-related text. In each chapter I have included a number of stories of people I know who have turned away from Christ in their own lives (with their permission – often using pseudonyms). I write to encourage believers, and provide teaching that is designed to help parents, church leaders and friends who want to both understand the issues, and also want to help those who are turning away.

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There are a limited number of printed versions of "Unseen Footprints" available at AU$5 each plus shipping. Contact Keith if you are interested.